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So Stacey that Wow is either a Wow, what an amazing group of songs and I found my new favorite(s) song(s) or Wow, I can’t believe I just wasted 52 minutes of my life. I’m hoping for the former.Thanks for listening and I hope you voted for a favorite.

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What’s up brotha. Great video. Hope you’re enjoying Mexico. I’m stoked on Shakeology. I’m already telling family about it. It’s crazy that over $40 in groceries is in one little shake. With so many vitamins and minerals. That’s what makes it worth it’s price tag. I’m going to order my first pack this weekend. Hope to hear from you soon man.-Chris Gardiner

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When I got that catalog, I too was in love yet heartbroken over the price points. I thought “Well there is an actual example of something expensive that I REALLY like (the shearling suede jacket), but will never effing buy.” (oddly I usually loath expensive things, a true dirt thrifter at heart, and in my brain I actually used the f word, but I don’t just drop that bomb on unsuspecting bloggers. . . but in my head, that was the gravity, you know. Effing A. What the Eff is up with those prices? Though I see after further inspection of your post that you have no problem with this word so now I feel foolish for censoring myself. I guess I am just not as emotional now commenting as I was at first, you know, when I first saw the catalog, so the usage would be arbitrary and lose its effectiveness the next time I decide to passionately use it in a ridiculously long rambling comment to a stranger. Ya. I feel like a dork now. Ok. Bye.

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